1- What is Mashroo? What does it mean? Why should we buy thobes from mashroo?

Ans: Mashroo is derived from an Arabic word Shariah that means “all those things that are lawful for human consumption”, which further gets complemented by Meem to make Mashroo.

About Mashroo

Mashroo follows the phrase ‘Thobe for every wardrobe’. We feel privileged to introduce ourselves as India’s first and only registered thobe brand. While our in-house designing and production team sits at our head office in Mumbai, Mashroo Thobe has commendably managed to gain eyeballs and acceptance of global audience.

We leave no stone unturned to keep our thobes per the international standards. Once you buy a Mashroo product you can stay assured to have the best.

2- What is worn under the thobes?

Ans: Designers recommend wearing izaar or a pajama under the thobe. On a secondary note, you can also wear a three fourth pant, or shorts beneath your thobe depending on your personal comfort zone.

3- How do we measure the length and size and know what thobe will fit which age group?

Ans: Thobes are available in all sizes starting from kids aged 3 years onwards. To make it simple for you, our experts have carefully segregated them into different categories. Below is the break up:


Size 3 - Length 28 - for age group 3-4 years

Size 5- Length 32- for the age group of 5-6 years 

Size 7- Length 36 - for the age group of 7-8 years 

Size 9- Length 40 -for the age group of 9-10 years 


B1- Length - 43 for Age group of 11-12 years 

B2- Length - 46 for the age group of 13-14 years 

B3- Length - 49 for the age group of 14- 15 years 


Small - Length 52, Chest 36 (Plus 6 inches losing) 

Medium - Length 54, Chest 38 (Plus 6 inches losing) 

Large - Length 56, Chest 40 (plus 6 inches losing) 

X- Large - Length 58, Chest 42 (Plus 6 inches losing) 

XX-Large - Length 60, Chest 44 (Plus 6 inches losing)

4- What if somebody doesn't fit into this size?

Ans: As we mentioned lately that the thobes made at Mashroo are closely analysed and designed to fit the defined groups. However, we totally understand that few of us are different from others of our age group in context to body-built and height. You can contact us  customer care +91- 9920977671 or +91-9820024643 and allow us to replicate the same design in your size (** at an additional cost )

5- We buy thobes from countries in the Middle East, is the size chart same?

Ans: NO, Mashroo follows its own formulated size chart and fit, that has been formatted after a lot of research and development.

Following our policy of delivering ease, at Mashroo, we have a simple and crisp size chart, primarily consisting of three Categories:

KIDS: 3/5/7/9 ( 3 years to 9 years )

BOYS: B1/B2/B3 ( 10 years to 15 years )


6- What fabrics are mainly used to build Thobes?

Ans: Our products follow a range of design patterns and accordingly we switch between fabrics and often try to mélange to bring the best experience. However, our list primarily includes 100% cotton, blended cotton, polycotton, chambray, indigo, polyester blend, and best quality natural and synthetic fabrics are sourced from all across the globe to make Mashroo Thobes.

7- What is the exchange policy?

Ans:  As per the company policy we would exchange a product only if a wrong  or a defected product is shipped . Since we ship products to customers in various countries it is extremely subjective & difficult to take back the products . However we try and help our valuable customers & would explore what best can be done case to case  ; whenever such an event occurs Kindly contact us on WhatsApp +91-9920977671.


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